Meghana Vs Nagarjuna Biriyani

Meghana Vs Nagarjuna Biriyani

We humans have opinions about everything, and we always wish to prove our point.  Don’t ask me why. That’s just how we are. Though we are divided by heterogenous opinions we are always united by one basic necessity---Food. It is undoubtedly the life blood for our survival. However, once our hunger pangs subside, we get back to exhibiting our innate debating trait. Today’s article revolves around the debate between Biriyani Vs Biriyani. It is certainly a long haul but hey who wouldn’t like debating about BIRIYANI!!

Meghana Foods and Nagarjuna restaurant in Bangalore are known for their succulent and wide variety of biriyanis. Before we get to the debating ground, it is essential to know their specialties.

Meghana Foods
Meghana foods was established in the year 2006. They started as a small entity but have now expanded to over 5 branches in the city of Bangalore. Their menu aims to celebrate the exquisite and rich cuisine of Andhra. Meghana foods have an appetizing universe of biriyani with palatable options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.
Best of the best: Boneless chicken biriyani🤩

Nagarjuna Restaurant
Nagarjuna restaurant has a two-decade long legacy. Their motive is to deliver home-style food filled with warmth and joy. They have their presence in 5 chief locations in Bangalore.  The biriyanis at Nagarjuna restaurant are grounded to their roots and are known for their remarkable and delectable flavour.
Best of the best: Chicken and Mutton biriyani 😍

It’s Time for the Debate!!

Now that we have a brief overview about the establishment and specialties of Meghana foods and Nagarjuna restaurant. It is time to get to the specifics. I feel like I’m about to enter a battlefield. Is that normal? Okay Never mind! Meghana Foods and Nagarjuna restaurant each cook biriyanis unique to their identities. The former is known for its richness and the latter for its subtle yet flavoursome interpretation. The biriyanis at Nagarjuna restaurant are noteworthy for its clear disposition of spices. Meghana foods on the other hand is a master at infusing richness to their biriyanis while managing to keep the spices out of sight.

And the Winner is….

I have news for you. This is not a competition and I’m sure you will agree that biriyani is bae, no matter what. To each their own thus it’s not fair to choose a winner. Surprisingly both the establishments have received identical google ratings too. This proves that it’s not Meghana foods Vs Nagarjuna restaurant. It is Meghana Foods and Nagarjuna restaurant. Let’s end discrimination and not bring it to the table guys!!

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