Eight Serene Places in and Around Bangalore to Witness the Sunrise

Eight Serene Places in and Around Bangalore to Witness the Sunrise

Watching the sunrise at the perfect moment would undoubtedly top the list of most beautiful experiences. It reminds us that no matter what there will always be light after darkness. Here are 8 wondrous spots in and around Bangalore that offer a picturesque view of sunrise.

Sankey Tank
Sankey Tank is a manmade spectacle that was constructed in the year 1882. Located in the midst of Vyalikaval, Malleshwaram and Sadashivanagar, Sankey Tank is a popular spot to view the sunrise in all its splendour. The first rays of the sun on the face of the lake serves as a true representation of the term scintillating.

Narayanagiri Hill
Narayanagiri Hill is situated 60 kms away from Bangalore at Jalamangala village in the Ramanagara district of Karnataka.  Caves, boulders, and a tranquil lake are prominent attractions that render the sight of the sunrise atop the hill magical. It is a sought-after site to undertake sunrise and one-day trekking trips.

Hebbal Lake
Hebbal Lake located in the north of Bangalore near the Hebbal flyover was constructed by Kempe Gowda in the 16th century.  The lake is placid in nature and hosts diverse water birds. This makes it a renowned utopia for birders. It is also a noteworthy spot that offers a surreal and striking view of the sunrise.

Turahalli Forest
Turahalli forest is the only surviving forest in Bangalore. It accommodates a considerable variety of flora and fauna.  The scenic sight is a paradise for cyclists and rock climbers. The Turahalli forest viewpoint also known as Karishma hills is the perfect spot that will allow you to get a sight of the sunrise at its best.

Nandi Hills
Needless to say, Nandi Hills is a favoured tourist spot for many as it has one of the most breathtaking views to offer. For the same reason, it is a location that is best suited to watch the sunrise. It is almost 60 kms away from Bangalore and bears an unmistakable resemblance to wonderland.

Big Banyan Tree
Situated at around 30 kms from Bangalore, this 400-year-old banyan tree widely known as Dodda Aalada Mara, is the 4th biggest in the planet. This makes it an attraction that one must not miss exploring.  Sunrise at this spot is a vision as it highlights the elevation of the tree and offers a panoramic view of the same.

Skandagiri is a mountain citadel that is located approximately 70 kms away from Bangalore.  It is enveloped by cotton ball-like clouds and would strike as a doorway to paradise. Beholding the sunrise at this spot would stir all things magical from within before accentuating the magnificence of mother earth.

Hesaraghatta Lake
Hesaraghatta, one of the largest lakes in Bangalore, is a spot that caters to the heterogeneous needs of people. Bicycling, birding, and picnicking are some interesting activities that can be undertaken. Witnessing the sunrise at the Hesaraghatta lake in solitude is all you need for a peaceful start of the day.

3 Tips to make the most out of your visit

  1. Google the approximate timing of sunrise for the subjective day.
  2. Get to know the travel route in advance to avoid delays.
  3. Carry jackets if needed and pack binoculars for sightseeing.

The eight mentioned spots are the best of the best to see the sunrise in and around Bangalore. If you'd like to suggest any changes to the  post, feel free to do that here.

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