Easy to Hard Trekking Spots in and Around Bangalore

Easy to Hard Trekking Spots in and Around Bangalore

The term exploration has been around since forever. Throughout the centuries, we humans have innovated and utilized several modes of transportation to explore a city of our choice but at times we may wish to channel our ancestral homo sapiens in order to explore regions by foot. Our early age ancestors explored the regions in search of food, clothing, and shelter. We on the other hand wish to do the same in search of adventure, fun, and excitement to name a few. The modern age facet of exploration is termed as trekking. The activity is undertaken to explore unexplored places and mostly involves a long journey.  There are riveting trekking spots in Bangalore, and they can be categorized into three levels based on the experience, distance, and location - Beginner, Intermediate and Hard.

Level: Beginner

Muthurayaswamy Betta Trek
Muthurayaswamy Betta trek is an unexplored treasure. The trek is situated on a deserted hillock, but the summit offers an unsurpassable sight of Ramanagara. The total trek distance stands at 1.25 km. The trail begins at the base of the hillock and leads to Muthurayaswamy temple before paving way to the summit. The Muthurayaswamy Betta Trek is suitable if you are new to the realm of trekking. The minimal distance and an uncomplicated trail path make this trekking spot a good fit for beginners.

Handi Gundi Betta Trek
Handi Gundi trek is located in Ramanagara. It offers a serene view of the hillocks bordering the town. The journey to the Handi Gundi peak is filled with scenic spectacles of diverse flora and farmlands. The total trek distance is 1.45 km, starting from the parking space to the Handi Gundi Peak. The duration varies from 70 – 90 minutes. Handi Gundi trek acquaints you with the concept of trekking and prepares you to trail strenuous trekking spots.

Halu Chilume Gange Trek
Halu Chilume Gange Trek is 60 kms away from Bangalore and is well known for its abundant vegetation. The trekking spot closely resembles a forest and the boulders found on the trail path have bells attached to them for reasons unknown. This adds elements of mystery and intrigue. The frondescent nature of the trek makes it a mud filled wonder covering 4.8 kms. If you are a fan of mud filled adventures, Halu Chilume Gange Trek will not disappoint you.

Level: Intermediate

Savandurga Trek
The Savandurga trek leads to one of Asia’s largest monoliths. This is reason enough to undertake the trek and explore the scintillant reservoirs. The trek distance is 2 kms, however the journey fluctuates from easy to moderate owing to its steepness. The Savandurga trek must be initiated between October to February to avoid the humidity and slippery slopes.

Madhugiri Fort Trek
The Madhugiri fort trek is a popular trekking spot as it leads to the second largest monolith of Asia. The trail is approximately 1.5 km and exposes trekkers to brilliant architecture, and an operable rainwater harvesting system developed by our ancestors.  Few spots in the trail path require trekkers to pass through without support thus demanding a good degree of strength and endurance.

Amedikallu Trek
Amedikallu hill is known for its tortoise shaped peak. The trek starts at Shishala, and the trail path is home to dense vegetation. The peak is a standpoint for a breathtaking view. One way duration of the trek is about 6- 9 hours. It is advisable to take breaks at regular intervals and complete the trek in two or three days. Carry water bottles and sufficient calorie rich food to support your trekking journey.

Level: Hard

Kodachadri trek
The Kodachadri trek is historically significant as it is home to numerous fables concerning the western ghats. The lush green grasslands, the sight of Mookambika Temple and Hidlumane waterfalls are undeniable attractions offered by the trail path. The total distance is nearly 20 kms. The region is at times enveloped in mist and the rocks are found to be slippery. Solid trekking shoes and poles are essential for a safe Kodachadri trek.

Tadiandamol Trek
Tadiandamol trek is the highest peak in the district of Kodagu. The trek is known for the captivating views of rolling green hills, and shola forests. Traversing the trail path can be challenging as it is home to two streams. The region is also filled with moss and other components that contribute to skidding. Therefore, it is crucial to exercise great caution.

Kumara Parvatha Trek
The Kumara Parvatha Trek is considered to be the most challenging trek in the western ghats. The trek distance is 22 kms and the journey is typically undertaken over a span of 2-3 days. The strenuous trek is highly rewarding as it extends stunning sights of the western ghats and enthralling grasslands. Certain sections of the forest and grasslands are known for its steep quality thus proper safety measures must be administered.

Essentials to Carry for Your Trekking Journey:

  • Water Bottles
  • Calorie- Rich foods
  • First aid kits
  • Jackets and sweaters
  • Tents
  • Trekking poles
  • A Pair of trekking shoes
  • Raincoats/Umbrellas
  • Electrolyte powders

Note: Kindly undergo a medical evaluation before undertaking an intermediate to hard trekking journey. Happy Trekking!!☺️

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