Bangalore Music Scene - Our Take

Bangalore Music Scene - Our Take

Bangalore's music scene has taken its course to build and grow over the years. Fifty years ago, Bangalore was a pensioner's paradise with peace and calm. The live music scene was set, and you could listen to any genre you liked. Around the 1970s, these live concerts gained traction, and people performed in parks. These bands were responsible for the "Indie" scenes in India. However, the authorities thought this promoted western culture in India and stopped the events.

However, Bangalore has contributed immensely to the Indian Jazz scene. Recreational clubs and restaurants had weekly gigs and in-house bands. Some of the bands have performed all over the country. Today, Bangalore hosts some of the best concerts, and many renowned artists come to Bangalore for their gigs. There are several places in Bangalore you can go to if you love live music!

Here are places to check out:

Indian Music Experience

Indian Music Experience, or IME, is India's only interactive museum in Bangalore. If you live in the city and are a music enthusiast, you should definitely experience it. It is an interactive museum where you can find musical instruments of stalwarts and several stories behind popular songs. There is a sound garden that makes tunes out of unusual things. You should definitely visit this place once.

Big Pitcher

People praise Big Pitcher for its music and all the amazing yet chill vibe it provides. If you feel like singing along or dancing to the tunes of great music, Big Pitcher is your place to be. It is a popular hangout amongst youngsters. Their service also is greatly appreciated by their visitors.

Hard Rock Cafe

A great place with a fantastic vintage ambience, delicious food, and a live band performance. What more do you want to make your day perfect? The local Bangalore menu snacks are widely popular with their customers. They also have Sunday Sunny Tunes, where you can listen to unplugged music.

1522 - The Pub

They have Karaoke nights on Sunday to let you sing your heart out. Their menu is full of delicious food with highly recommended appetizers and starters. If you are a fan of Rock music, this is the place to be. They also have happy hours till 5:30 PM. Good food, friendly staff, and great music are all the reasons you need to visit once.

The Biere Club

Love music along with some beers? This is the place you should be. Visitors appreciate their playlist, and it is a nice place to have dinner with a friend or go on a candlelight dinner date with your partner.

Toit Brewpub

A crowded and popular place, Toit Brewpub plays ancient rock music, making you nostalgic and taking you back in time. Their food menu is delicious, and you will feel like visiting again and again.

Bangalore Brew Works

If you are an EDM fan, Bangalore Brew Works will be your favorite hangout spot. The music scene is set with their in-house DJ, taking the bar high. The food is also delicious, so if you are looking to have a good time and are in the mood for EDM, visit today.


The name speaks for itself. A rooftop setting with good food and cocktails and even better music playing is what you need to take a breather and refresh. The ambience is always appreciated by its customers at this place.

Along with these regular places, several concerts are happening in January and upcoming months in Bangalore where you can shake a leg or just listen to soulful music. Below listed are a few of them:

Music is therapy to the soul. The more we listen to it, the more refreshed we are. So in our opinion, explore, listen and share. We know we might have missed out on many places where there is great music! Let us know the same in the comments below so all of the readers can also enjoy awesome music.

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